Dragon Breath Press

Where Legends Begin.


 To provide honest and quality editing and publishing services to aspiring authors in multiple genres.

One of the most needed services for independent authors is to find a qualified, professional editor. As the owner of Dragon Breath Press and a former English teacher, I will endeavor to provide an honest assessment of the writer's ability and needs and then to make that writer's work the best it can be. In the future, when the need arises for additional editors, I will assure the hiring of capable and qualified editors and proofreaders.


Dragon Breath Press hopes to see small-time and independent authors treated with respect and dignity in the literary world. Dragon Breath Press would like to see our client (Legend) list grow by at three new authors each year. As an independent author myself, I am aware of the needs and pitfalls one encounters when trying to self-publish. There are many vanity presses who take advantage of a writer's desire without provided the best services, which the writer buys, including paying for the actual publishing. Dragon Breath Press looks to serve its clients and to help those clients produce the best possible literature to present to the public in a fair an honest manner.


To provide a full-service experience, encompassing all aspects of editing and publishing. There are six MUSTS for all authors, independent or contract. Dragon Breath Press offers services to ensure compliance with those needs.


1. A professional, qualified, honest, and available editor 

2. A critique group

3. Developing a presence

4. An eye-catching cover

5. A back-cover synopsis/teaser that draws the reader in

6. An interesting biography that includes a picture of the author


    1. Editing/Proofreading

    2. Publishing

 Formatting


 Copyrighting

 Building a presence

   3. Cover design

Mission Statement:

Dragon Breath Press, LLC exists to provided honest and quality editing and publishing services to aspiring authors in multiple genres.