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Spirits' Desire (Available August 31, 2017)
Book 2
The Legend of Draconis

Janet Taylor-Perry

Rise of a Rock Star 

Book 1
The Rock Star Records

Barbara Best

The scent of patchouli filled the pitch-black air. He felt a presence in the room, but he
wasn't afraid, just curious. The heat in the room caused him to throw off the covers and the
sound of crackling flames pierced the stillness. Was he in hell? His burning body stiffened as the
presence caressed his face with a faint, seductive draft. His tongue licked parched lips. Out of
the darkness, a hand offered something he couldn't see. One by one, long, thin fingers with
blood-red nails peeled away at the object nestled in the palm—an offering. Brilliant light blinded
him and then dimmed to reveal a bright, red apple...he reached out and ate. A guitar riff
shattered the silence.

Mortal Foe

Marty Roppelt

A picture is worth a thousand words…
But what if that image can only be seen through the lens of one camera? What if the
snapshot can only be seen by a select few? What if the photo has its origins in the pit of Hell?
What if that face belongs to an enemy bent on destruction?
This is Buddy Cullen's fate when he first dreams of his grandfather's death and then inherits
his grandfather's antique camera—an image that haunts him and seeks his death. Can Buddy
survive the curse that he sarcastically dubs "Popcorn"—a curse that no one wants to believe
exists and stalks the city of Cleveland—a mortal foe?